1.        Prior to the construction, reconstruction, moving or structural alteration of any structure, or the improvement of land prior to its use, or the use of any land or structure being changed to any other use; an application for a Zoning Permit must be completed, when required, and approved by the Zoning Administrator. The Administrator provides application forms.  Either the property owner or the contractor, as an agent, may obtain the permit.  (See Section 9-101 of the County Zoning Regulations for information on zoning permits and occupancy certificates.)

2.        The applicant must provide, at the time of application, a copy of a plot plan drawn to scale showing the actual dimensions of the zoning lot to be built upon and/or used; the size, shape and location of the structure to be constructed and/or used; required setbacks for each yard as measured from the lot lines of the property; points of ingress and egress, driveways, circulation aisles, parking lots, individual parking spaces, and loading and service areas; location of all utility connections; and other such information as may be deemed necessary.  No Zoning Permit will be issued unless a plot plan is submitted.  See Zoning Administrator for plot plan form or submit drawing with similar information.

3.        Unless the Zoning Administrator can verify the actual dimensions of the zoning lot to be built upon from a recorded plat on file with his/her office, then the applicant must provide, at the time of application, a copy of a drawing of the plat showing the actual dimensions of the lot according to the recorded plat unless the lot is otherwise exempted from platting under the County Subdivision Regulations.

4.        Payment of the Zoning Permit and Occupancy Certificate fee is required at the time of application in the amount provided for in Section 9-104 of the Zoning Regulations.  See Zoning Administrator for Fee Schedule information.  Because of the additional administrative costs involved, if construction or work other than permitted grading has already commenced on a structure or a use before an application is filed, the fee otherwise required will be increased.  The fee is not refundable unless the permit is not approved.

5.        A Zoning Permit shall be either approved or disapproved by the Zoning Administrator within 10 days after the receipt of a completed application thereof or within such further period as may be agreed to by the applicant.  When the Administrator decides that he/she cannot issue a Zoning Permit, he/she shall advise the applicant in writing of the reasons for its disapproval.

6.        A Zoning Permit shall become null and void 180 days after the date on which it is issued unless within such a period construction, reconstruction, moving, or structural alteration is commenced or a use is commenced.   If the construction or work is abandoned or suspended for any 180-day period after such a permit is issued, then application must be made for a new permit.

7.        Upon the completion of construction or moving or a change in the use of a structure or land, the applicant shall notify the Zoning Administrator so that a field inspection can be made and an Occupancy Certificate issued.  A certificate shall be issued or written notice shall be given to the applicant stating the reasons why a certificate cannot be issued within 10 days after the Administrator is notified that the structures or premises are ready for occupancy or use.  (See Section 9-101B2 of the Zoning Regulations for information on temporary occupancy permit.) 

8.        Any Zoning Permit issued, which is based on an application containing false information, shall be considered null and void.  Similarly, any Zoning Permit or Occupancy Certificate issued in conflict with the provisions of the Zoning Regulations shall be null and

9.        Any applicant aggrieved by a decision of the Zoning Administrator with respect to the interpretation or application of the Zoning Regulations in applying for a Zoning Permit and Occupancy Certificate may appeal to the County Board of Zoning Appeals for a determination within 30 days after such decision is made.

10.     The applicant should be aware that any Zoning Permit or Occupancy Certificate issued does not nullify any private deed restriction or restrictive covenant validly filed of record which are still enforceable by other property owners.  (See Section 2-100C of the Zoning Regulations for information on Private Agreements.)

11.     You should check with the Zoning Administrator to determine if a screening plan approved by the Planning Board is required prior to issuance of a Zoning Permit.

12.     The Applicant should also be aware that their project might involve applying for a sanitation permit for on-site sewage disposal and/or water well under the County Sanitary Code.

For more information or to obtain a Zoning Permit Application, please contact Kris Marple, Wilson County Zoning Administrator @ 620-378-3472 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.